Growing Up Is Hard To Do

In a recent homework assignment, we were asked what the definition of “adulthood” was to us. My answer was that an adult is someone who is independent from their parents, responsible, pays their own bills and handles the challenges that life throws at them. By this definition, I’ve been an adult since the day I turned 18 and maybe a little before that, too. Previously, there have been times where I’ve resented this status, wishing that I could be more carefree or have less responsilities, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve seen the benefits of being independent. At 21, I’m a junior in college, I’ve created a good work history, I’m engaged to my high school boyfriend and we just moved into our first real home together. All of the above things have taken hard work, patience and a lot of trial and error. I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I had had everything handed to me because I wouldn’t know how to react to life’s challenges otherwise. Even with the difficulties I face, I’m able to be grateful for the life that I’ve created for myself because I’ve done just that; I’ve done it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve needed advice and guidance throughout the years, and B and I are lucky enough to have parents that are by our side if we need it. However, there is definitely a pride in doing things yourself that we’ve also been lucky enough to experience.

I used to be terrified of growing up, of having to do things myself and be an adult, but as of lately I’ve come to realize what a wonderful transition it really is.

Til next time-A


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