Just Bein’ a Homeowner

Hello, strangers! I have been blogging about my health and fitness journey over at The Fit Life Series, but, I thought I would check in just to let whomever might be curious… We bought a house! The adorable hammock in the back yard, mason jar chandelier, country livin’ house is alllllllllll ours. 🙂 It was a stressful process at times but of course it was SO worth it!!! We signed the paperwork and got the keys on Friday, so I spent my weekend painting. Taping and painting to be exact. I feel like that’s seriously ALL I did for 48 hours. That’s a huuuuuge exaggeration, of course. I am all for the classics, so I picked out a nice neutral (Natural Linen to be exact) for the living room/dining area andddd boring ole WHITE for the bedrooms. The rooms are currently 1) CRAZY blue (little boys room previously) 2) Teal, pink, green AND blue (apparently indecisive girls room) and 3) a light blue in the master. All three rooms are going to be redone (need new closet doors and flooring) so I’m just going to play it safe and go with white. Maybe eventually I’ll redo them, but honestly… probably not. I love the classics! I love to pull color from decorations, not crazy wall colors.

Anyways, that’s been my life for the past month and a half. Endless conversations with the realtor, the bank and insurance agents kinda made me want to be a lifelong renter at times; but, it all paid off and now I’m a homeowner! There are SOO many things I want to do to our house! Pinterest is officially my favorite hobby. (Anyone who has read this blog before knows that this has always been the case- shh!).

Come check out what’s going on over at my new site, The Fit Life Series. I’m blogging about my attempts to get healthy and fit and to stayyyy that way. Spoiler alert: there’s occasionally pics of my bootayyyy! ;P




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