About -A-


Hi, guys! I’m super terrible at writing these “About Me” things, but I figured this section needed a little updating since the last time I wrote one, I was 22. As usual, I’m going to go with a list because that’s the only way I can talk about myself without feeling like I’m crafting my own match.com profile.

  • I’m 24
  • A is for Amanda
  • Recently graduated college with my Bachelor’s in Social Work
  • My day job is a Caseworker
  • California born, Pennsylvania raised
  • In love with DIY projects
  • Slightly obsessed with Instagram
  • Favorite author is Jodi Picoult
  • I have an unnecessary amount of journals
  • I love writing; my dream job is to be Carrie from Sex & The City
  • I LOVE coffee (Caps is necessary so you really understand just how much)
  • I would like to travel to anywhere & everywhere I can
  • People think I’m snobby when they first meet me, but I swear I’m just really awkward
  • Wine. Moscato. Yum.

Now that you can decide if we are compatible to date or not, I hope you stick around to visit my little corner of the internet. You don’t even need to buy me chocolate. (But I wouldn’t hate it if you did.)




Your turn :)

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