Do you ever think about just how big the world is? The endless possibilities, wonder, risk; the beauty and terror of it all? We spend our entire lives preparing ourselves to enter adulthood; what kind of personality do we have, what interests do we possess? All of the pieces of the puzzle are slowly but … Continue reading Bullshit


Mid-Twenties Blues

As I get closer and closer to the dreaded "mid-twenties", I'm starting to realize that there is a long list of things that I am getting too old for. I used to think that you didn't get "too old" for stuff, but that people just conformed to how they should act at a certain age. … Continue reading Mid-Twenties Blues

They’re Walkin’ in a Straight Line, But That’s Not Really Her Style

You want the things you're saying, doing, planning, dreaming about, to matter. You want to believe that there is all some bigger purpose to life than the day to day monotony. Surely life isn't all 8-5's, health insurance premiums and pension plans, right? Everything that you do all year; the stress, the extra hours at … Continue reading They’re Walkin’ in a Straight Line, But That’s Not Really Her Style


Hello, loves. Yes, I just hashtagged the title of a post. I'm sorry, I'm still riding on the craziness train that was the Miley Cyrus concert last night. Seriously, SO MUCH FUN. I know that a ton of people judged me and my friends for going, but it was the best birthday present ever. (Thanks … Continue reading #Miley