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The Struggle: Narrated by the Lyrics of Taylor Swift

Baby, I know places we won’t be found, and they’ll be chasing their tails trying to track us down. Cause I know places we can hide. -Taylor Swift “I Know Places”

I might be over-interpreting here, but I think Taylor Swift wants us to run away from our adult responsibilities. I mean… seems pretty clear to me. Excuse me while I pack up my office and high-tail it out of the world of time sheets and alarm clocks. ūüôā

Seriously though, am I the only one that likes their job but in the same respect wants to turn in their grown up card for a good session of binge-watching Law & Order? (SVU, of course. In case you were wondering). It’s like a completely equal mix of “this isn’t that bad! What a fulfilling work day” and “Oh my god, I have to do this EVERY DAY? Until I’m in my 60’s?” It’s a bummer to go back and forth between half glass full on Monday and “half-full, half-empty… who cares, just add vodka” by Wednesday. I know that in a way, this is completely normal. I mean, no one loves the monotony that is adulthood all the time. Have you ever heard someone be like, “well, yes, I would LOVE to do that super annoying task that is not in my job description. In fact- I’ll do it for FREE! Just for kicks!” No. No you haven’t. (If you have- don’t trust that person. If YOU’RE that person… none of your co-workers like you. Sorry, but it’s true). On the flip side, though, it kind of sucks. Is this life post-college? Work is ok, then it sucks, then it’s the weekend (whoo!), then work is ok, then it sucks…

You know that saying, “if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”? Bullshit. I’m pretty sure even Taylor Swift, the multi-millionaire, award-winning, owns a house in every country, megastar isn’t all “I LOVE THIS!!!” all of the time. Yet, somehow, there’s still this pressure that you have to put on this act that your job/life is just completely blissful 24/7 or it just wasn’t “worth it”. I’ve had many instances where I’ve said something like “man, what a crazy day. I had to insert sucky thing here” and I’ll get some kind of response akin to “well, YOU picked that major” or “told ya not to go into social work”. Well geez, that escalated quickly. I said a portion of my day sucked, not that I wanted to flip my desk and set my degree on fire. I think it’s kind of a grown up rite of passage that we are allotted a certain amount of bitching; like how kids get to complain that they’re “bored” all the time.

Back to obsessively listening to Taylor’s new CD. Some things never change, no matter your age. ūüėČ




A sad realization

It’s way too early for this, but I had an¬†epiphany¬†this morning at approximately 7:30.¬†More often than not, I wake up between 7:30-8 every morning. I know you’re thinking¬†big deal so does everyone with a job.¬†The big deal is that I don’t set an alarm; the earliest I usually work is 2, so I don’t need to. So I’m just waking up in the wee hours of the morning because I/my body want to. You know who else gets up early when they don’t have to? OLD PEOPLE. Old people who do shop at Ann Taylor and wear turtlenecks. People who drink black coffee and read the paper and balance check books.

Ergo, I am old and here is proof.

  • I watch HGTV (on purpose).
  • I’m getting senile. Just yesterday I was annoyed by kids playing football in front of my house because they were being loud. Children having fun… the horror.
  • I’ve started to reevaluate my closet.¬†Am I too old for this giraffe-print t-shirt?
  • I’m cold all of the time.
  • I remind my boyfriend of things like cholesterol and sodium content.
  • I drink 2 beers and have a headache the next day.
  • I would rather watch HGTV than drink beer.
  • I think staying home on the weekends to do home improvement projects sounds fun.
  • I like cleaning.
  • I’m so much more logical. “Do I really need to drive into town for 1 thing? That seems like a waste of gas. I’ll just wait.”
  • In reference to buying a new car next year: I really want a Jeep, but I’ll probably end up with something practical, like a Kia.
  • In further reference to a Jeep “can you fit a car seat in the back?”
  • As noted above, the thought of reproducing isn’t the absolute worst thing in the world anymore.

Etc. etc, the list goes on. I’ve always wondered when I had to turn in my skinny jeans for khakis with an elastic waist band, and my trashy reality TV for soap operas, but I never imagined it would be this soon. I thought shopping at Forever 21 was kind of unspoken agreement, like, I really would stay 21-ish forever. LIARS!

Furthermore, I don’t know what Ke$ha is doing right, but I do not wake up feelin like P. Diddy. I wake up feeling like I need my back adjusted and a strong cup of coffee.

I’m off to watch Live! with Kelly & Michael and clean. Sigh.



Growing Up Is Hard To Do

In a recent homework assignment, we were asked what the definition of “adulthood” was to us. My answer was that an adult is someone who is independent from their parents, responsible, pays their own bills and handles the challenges that life throws at them. By this definition, I’ve been an adult since the day I turned 18 and maybe a little before that, too. Previously, there have been times where I’ve resented this status, wishing that I could be more carefree or have less responsilities, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve seen the benefits of being independent. At 21, I’m a junior in college, I’ve created a good work history, I’m engaged to my high school boyfriend and we just moved into our first real home together. All of the above things have taken hard work, patience and a lot of trial and error. I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I had had everything handed to me because I wouldn’t know how to react to life’s challenges otherwise. Even with the difficulties I face, I’m able to be grateful for the life that I’ve created for myself because I’ve done just that; I’ve done it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve needed¬†advice and guidance¬†throughout the years, and B and I are lucky enough to have parents that are by our side if we need it. However, there is definitely a pride in doing things yourself that we’ve also been lucky enough to experience.

I used to be terrified of growing up, of having to do things myself and be an adult, but as of lately I’ve come to realize what a wonderful transition it really is.

Til next time-A